Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can my Neck Pillow Help with my Chiropractic Manipulations?

Choosing the right neck pillow is important- it can help with cervical alignment
Yes, in fact, a term often used synonymously with “neck pillow” is “chiropractic pillow.” The reason is because a neck pillow helps one hold and restore cervical alignment. This is much like a chiropractic adjustment. The reason the cervical traction neck pillow is recommended by a lot of chiropractors is because it helps align the neck and maintain the neck curvature.

Often when someone is adjusted, especially if they recently had an injury or strain, things may shift back out of place. Therefore, using a neck pillow at night following your adjustment will help to maintain your alignment. In fact, you chiropractor may recommend one of our neck pillows … or should I say “chiropractic pillows.”

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G WIlson said...

Somehow yes. Great sharing by the way.

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Derek said...

There are various causes due to which an individual may get a pain in his/her neck. Accident where the neck has undergone trauma may be one of the reasons. The muscles react with by tightening and contracting creating fatigue and producing lactic acid. This lactic acid is the cause of pain and stiffness. There are other reasons like old age and osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis which are a major cause of neck pain and disorder like cervical.

Anonymous said...

Many people with high blood pressure would like to find a way to avoid taking medication. A trip to the chiropractor may seem an unlikely alternative. But an intriguing study is showing that a special kind of neck adjustment is helping some patients lower their blood pressure without drugs.

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