Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What is the difference between a disc herniation and a disc bulge?

Let's define each and this will explain the difference. Keep in mind that both of these could cause severe pain. The pressure can cause pain but also nerve pressure could be become numbness and tingling, or burning and more.

When you have a disc bulge that tells me that the outer disc literally "bulges" outward much like a tire or balloon that gets pumped up too far; you can see part that expands out. Where as a herniation or protrusion the inner disc comes out or breaks out causing pressure and closes much of the space the nerve travels in.

In the case of the herniation, the inner disc or the nucleus pulposis breaks out or crosses the annulus fibrosis or out of disc boundaries. Whereas, in the case of the bulged disc, the outer disc, or annulus, expands out.

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