Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My MRI Shows Disc but I Don’t Have Pain?

Sometimes your MRI can show a disc bulge of herniation but there’s no pain because it’s not hitting a nerve.
  • It can be hitting a nerve area that doesn’t affect pain.
  • Like we said previously, it’s not hitting any nerves.

Here’s the bottom line- get checked because really those MRI findings need to be corrected with a physical exam and consultation. This is exactly what a doctor at CT Spine and Disc Center will be doing.

The Glastonbury Chiropractor is located in central Connecticut- CT Spine and Disc Center specializes in patients who suffer from sciatica, disc degeneration, bulging disc or herniated disc in the lumbar spine. For low back pain, neck pain, midback pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and more, chiropractic can help you. Call our Glastonbury office at 860-633-8756 to schedule an appointment and to see if you are a candidate for non surgical spinal decompression.

Image Source: Emerald Coast Pain Services

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