Friday, January 20, 2012

Neck Misalignments and Neck Arthritis

Forward head posture can be the cause of a lot of neck pain, headaches, stiff neck, and neck misalignments. We talked about how the load can shift forward out of position in a previous blog post. This magnifies the downward pressure of gravity making the neck support not just a 10 lb skull but can become like a 40 lb skull or even more. I’ve found the best defense is our cervical traction pillow.

In addition there, of course, are neck exercises, chiropractic adjustments, things to avoid, etc… that might help. Now that you have started 2012 life has become ever busier with a pillow, you lay on it, go to sleep, and don’t think about it.

That’s why the cervical traction pillow is great for helping to improve forward head posture. It works while you sleep. By helping to improve your cervical curve with its built in neck roll, it helps align your neck. This therefore reduces the forward head posture, putting less stress on the cervical spine. Keeping stress and pressure on the neck will increase or speed degeneration. Yep, you guessed it-Neck Arthritis. The pillow will also help correct other misalignments. The neck can be translated to the side also. I know people who sleep on two pillows on their side. This cranks your head sideways or if you roll to your back it’s crashing your neck forward. The traction pillow helps your neck spine level when you’re on your side. So don’t wait any longer the faster you do them, the better.

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Annie said...

This pillow might work wonders for me. Thanks for sharing!

- Annie

Palmer Chiropractic said...

Great article, chiropractic pillows help restore the regular arch in your neck and help hold adjustments longer.

Palmer Chiropractic said...

Great article, chiropractic pillows help restore the regular arch in your neck and help hold adjustments longer.

Praveen Pandey said...

thanx for sharing your post, i just tell you, if you are worried width any kind of pain, then must try some cervical support. Cervical Support are the best solution for cervical pain, Healthgenie is providing ortho supports of various brands such as lp, tynor, paramount at huge discount.

Robin Merrill said...

I definitely need one of these. Where is the best place to get one? Another thing that has helped my neck pain immensely is AminoActiv. It's a natural anti-inflammatory that uses amino acids to relieve pain. Do you have any experience with this? Thanks!


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