Monday, July 18, 2011

Diary of a Lifelong Chiropractic Patient

I’ve been going to the chiropractor for my whole life off and on. My parents first took me when I was injured a couple times in sports. We were a typical family, I went to our family physician too. Whenever I got a cold or something I saw our doctor. When I broke my wrist I went to an orthopedist who casted it. I went to the allergist for allergy shots, you name it.

I realized that time and time again from a sports injury or when my mom or dad did something to their neck or back we saw the chiropractor much more than we went to any other doctor. I think by the time I got to college I realized that the reason we went for chiropractic treatment versus going to our family physician was because it made sense. We could either get a prescription for a quick fix, or we could get adjusted and let the body do what it’s supposed to do.

Then I remembered learning one summer that our family physician apparently had type II diabetes. Here was a doctor telling others how to be healthy, what to do to prevent heart problems, diabetes, stay healthy, etc… I liked our family physician a lot; great guy, seemed super smart, generous, happy. But I know type II diabetes was pretty much developed, or man-made, because of poor diet and lifestyle. Our chiropractor on the other hand was also in his 60’s, but if I were to guess at the time I would have said 50. He didn’t have a room full of free sample medication that he would generously give out because he had been given so many from companies, reps, or from seminars that he had attended. He was a super intelligent and generous person as well.
I’m really glad that my parents took me to the chiropractor so I could realize the benefit. My chiropractic experience has truly been a huge benefit to my health and I don’t know how someone can live a full, pain-free, healthy life without one.

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