Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lifting Weights may help Improve Back Pain

Lifting weights is the absolute best way to build lean muscle and reduce body fat. This kind of exercise also helps the body cleanse.

First of all, when your body has more muscle, it will ultimately burn more fat. Stronger muscles help prevent injury and having less fat or less weight can help too. As we put more weight on, it often becomes difficult for our body to support this added weight. Unlike muscle that is more proportional, excess fat tends to pool more in specific areas, causing postural shifts and uneven stress on our spines.

By lifting weight and exercising the body will also need more oxygen, breathing helps detox the body. This, along with sweating are two natural methods to help the body stay healthy. Along with these also comes drinking more water. As you sweat and lift weights, you will also be thirsty because you lose fluids. Water will also help cleanse the body.

Lastly, lifting free weights helps build a lot of the core stabilizing muscles. These are all the little muscles that help with balance. Using machines allows you to focus more on one particular muscle. While this is good for certain things, for strengthening your back and improving pain it’s better to work the core and improve balance.

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