Sunday, March 7, 2010

Can an Inversion Table help my Back Pain?

Yes, inversion is like traction. The DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression treatment is a much more advanced form of traction. In no way am I comparing the decompression to traction. Spinal decompression is really much different, it actually creates a suction effect at the disc level, helping to pull the discs back into place. Traction is simply a stretch which distracts the spine, opening it up.

I’ve had multiple patients that tried traction when they first injured their backs with no results. However, decompression did the trick, and relieved their back pain.

The reason I’m mentioning inversion traction is because there are times when it does give good results. What I have found is that once a patient is done with decompression, using an inversion machine periodically helps maintain patients low backs. Keeping your back maintained and healthy is extremely important. After doing DRX 9000 decompression you may be 100% and never need treatment again, but why take a chance? Many people use chiropractic, periodic decompression treatments, or an inversion table to maintain their back. It’s a smart thing to do and I highly recommend it.

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Dr Graeme Teague said...

Yes inversion is a great way to help back pain relief, however it doesn't address the causes.

Inversion is great at symptom relief but you still need to balance the muscles and joints to get long lasting back pain relief.

Symptom relief using inversion tables is commendable as you are taking action to help relieve your pain. But don't be fooled into believing that because pain has eased, the underlying causes have disappeared also.

Great post, and hopefully more back pain sufferers will learn to act to get long term back pain relief.

Take care
Dr Graeme Teague
Back Pain Relief Advisor

Dr. Meghan Uhrich said...

I have several spinal decompression patients that tell me they managed their back pain with an inversion table for a time, but the pain eventually progressed. Then spinal decompression was a logical next step and made sense to these patients. And the overwhelming majority got excellent results!

Kim said...

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fiona said...

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hl67 said...

Having had intermittent back pain since I was a teenager (now in my 40's) I have had a lot of experience with many different treatments. Only some have worked well for me, providing long term relief. As is alluded to in some of the other comments here, no treatment is correct in every instance. One thing that I recommend as valuable for anyone experiencing back pain is getting an accurate diagnosis by a qualified, reputable, trusted health professional. The two best treatments I have had for back pain have been from a Melbourne chiropractor and a sydney physiotherapist. Both took the time and had the knowledge and discipline to diagnose properly, which made my subsequent treatments far more effective, more quickly.

jst said...

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JSTBOOK said...

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Osteopathic Clinic said...

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Osteopathic Clinic said...

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nisha said...

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