Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back Pain When Sleeping Or After Sleep...

Sometimes when you sleep for an extended period of time in one position it can cause soreness in the back when you wake up. The same thing can happen when in one place for many hours. Here are a few things you can try to get better quality sleep and not wake up with a sore back:

  • If you have an extra comforter/sleeping bag, place that under you to change to consistency of your mattresss.Maybe it needs to softer (or straighter). Check your mattress (is there a bow or a dip in there? ). Recently I had a patient who had an issue with her bed and it caused a lot of lower back pain.

  • Use a different neck pillow- try to choose a cervical support pillow with a neck roll.

  • Use something under your knees when you sleep (this is how I sleep)- I just put a pillow under my knees if I sleep on my back and between my legs if I am on my side. You can also use positioning products such as the knee elevator (for back sleeping) or the Spinal Relief pillow (for side sleeping)

  • Do some stretches right when you get up specifically for your lower back. When you get into the hot shower- let the water hit the lower back area and bend down slowly and to the side. Don’t extend back to much as this is not good for your back.

  • You should also need to get adjusted…go see a chiropractor to get treated and see what he says. You can also get some muscle work on your back. Plus, get some biofreeze (pain relief gel) that you can massage into the lower back muscles

  • If your back pain has been going on for some time, Use a hot pack on your lower back in the evening time while watching tv (gel packs work great).

  • Finally, sleeping for an extended period of time (over 9-10 hours) - try to avoid that. It can be avoided, so just get up and move around, stretch in the a.m. You can always take naps later.

Pay attention to what you are doing during the day also – and see if that is somehow contributing to your lower back. Sounds simple, but certain activities can bring on the pain moreso. For example, wearing heals for a greater part of the day, standing for a long time, exercising without doing a stretch before or after, doing a certain exercise (for example elliptical machine/rowing machine)

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