Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can My Back Be Causing More than Just Back or Leg Pain?

Yes, low back pain can often cause leg pain. Nerves in the low back not only communicate to your back and leg muscles but also go to the important parts of your body like you bladder, intestines, sexual organs, etc...And if pressure continues to accumulate on nerves or a nerve other problems often do start to happen.

Think of it like this – if you have extra pressure on the nerves traveling to your right kidney and nothing interfering with nerves traveling to your right kidney and nothing interfering with nerves to the left kidney, which one do your think will be working better?

This is the reason why keeping your nerves free of pressure is extremely important, one day it may be back pain, the next it could be something much worse.

Second, when your body is working to heal your back other parts of the body often pick up the slack. Remember the kidney example I just gave – the left kidney will have to pick up the slack for the right kidney. This can then lead to problems there other parts of the body as a result.

Lastly, dealing with pain can wear you out mentally, maybe causing depression, loss of sleep, fatigue, irritability… It’s is usually a downward spiral of things just getting worse..And all because of your back.

If you have back pain or know you have degeneration and pressure on the nerves of the low back, don’t wait until its too late.

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