Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back Surgery Costs Us 16 Billion A Year And A lot Of The Time Doesn’t Even Work!

Back Surgery Costs Billions A Year And Most Of The Time Should Not Even Be Done!
Back Surgery Costs Us 16 Billion A Year And A lot Of The Time Doesn’t Even Work!

Today I was reading an article in a well known magazine about the exorbitant cost of our health care system. I was shocked to hear a big chunk of it – billions of dollars, in fact, a year goes toward unnecessary surgeries.

One of the major unnecessary surgery’s was back fusion surgery. The reason it’s often unnnescessary is there is actually no evidence back surgery is any more successful conventional treatments like physical therapy, chiropractic, medication and others.

Being a chiropractor and seeing patients for over 5 years I already know that back surgery is very unsuccessful and that the results of other back treatment and therapies were much cheaper to do, easier to do, and even worked better. I was glad to hear someone spoke up and wrote about this in a major magazine.

Not only is back surgery very unsuccessful its very risky. People often forget that people get infections in the hospital, people have to take all sorts of medications and even knocked out with anesthesia, and mistakes happen. And lastly, even if everything goes well – the pain often returns a few years later. Not to mention a lot of the time you are still left with some pain or restrictions in certain activiesl you can and cannot do.

In some cases surgery is required and necessary, but most times it can be avoided. I urge every person that asks me about it to try every kind of non surgical treatment first before electing for surgery.

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