Friday, February 29, 2008

"Why Does Every Dr I See Tell me There's Nothing Wrong When I Have Major Back & Leg Pain "

"I've been through multiple tests - XRays, MRI's of my entire spine, blood work, nerve tests and more".

"Every doctor says there's nothing wrong but I have severe back pain and leg pain too. What could it be and what do I do? I can't deal with this pain any longer!"

Sound familiar?...Many times there can be a low back disc issue creating the pain or problem that doesn't get properly diagnosed and caught!

I see many patients who come in with degeneration in the spine and alot of lower back pain or leg symptoms.

Degeneration is sometimes enough to create major presssure on the nerves which gives you back pain, leg pain, tingling and numbness, or something worse.

When the disc degenerates it will flatten and bulge. This flattening will leave less room for the nerve to exit off of the spinal cord and communicate to the low back, hips, legs, and the muscles in these region.

Degeneration may not always be taken seriously because over time most people will get some degeneration or arthritis as they get older!...When, in fact, depending where that degeneration is exactly, and what nerves it puts pressure on, can determine what symptoms may occur - back pain, muscle stiffness or spasm, leg or foot pain, etc...

So remember, if you have pain then it's not normal and most likely may get worse! You may be a candidate for non-surgical spinal decompression.Call CT Spine and Disc Center to see if you will be a candidate for our treatment at 860-633-8756

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