Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The XRay Report Said Spondylosis, What Does That Mean?

Spondylosis means degeneration. So on an X-ray or MRI it may mean some arthritis, disc space flattening, jagged edges on bones, etc...

As we get older and spinal misalignments have been there longer, there is a very good chance we have built up some arthritis.

Of course the longer things have been that way, the more severe the breakdown occurs. It also becomes more difficult to fix. Don't get me wrong though, it can still be improved and/or fixed. Start by using the Arc4life Traction Neck Pillow each night.

The Back Dr’s specializes in pain relief for the neck and the lower back. We will help you have better posture, get better sleep and help you be more comfortable. Helping you find natural remedies for your active lifestyle.

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