Monday, March 2, 2015

Do You Have "Computer Body"?

What's "Computer Body" you might ask? This is that forward head, slumped shoulders, hunched back, type posture. We are all guilty, "just 1 more thing to do..."; of course that "one more thing" may be another 20 minutes. Maybe you gotta pee. Holding it too long probably isn't a great idea either, but let's get back to the subject.

We've talked about that forward head posture and how detrimental it is. Once in a while is one thing, but most people have this computer body every day. And it's not just at work. When we come home we often get on our own computer, tablet or phone.

Think about it when the head goes forward the shoulders roll forward and the upper-back hunches... It can happen in any order. So these terms like :computer body", or "tech neck" sound funny, but exist for a reason. Especially at this day and age where we are on computers and phones all the time!

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