Thursday, April 4, 2013

Alzheimer’s May Be Linked To Low Fat Diets

For awhile there was a low fat, or non-fat diet craze.  In fact, there are still a lot of subscribers to this.  It makes sense right?  Take away fat from your diet, take away your fat!  Not at all true.  Junk food, highly processed food, and complex carbohydrates break down into sugar in the body and ultimately poorer health and a fatter waist line.

Most “healthy” people I know do not subscribe to this “low-fat” diet model.  You have to remember that there are good and bad fats.  Oil’s and fats they use for store bought cookies and fast food are typically “bad” fats, where fat from eggs and butter and fresh meat and fish are good.  The bottom line way to think of it is natural stuff = good and unnatural stuff= not good.

If it’s fake, stay away.  Oh, and don’t forget, your brain is made up of mostly fat...So don’t exclude it from your diet!  No wonder they are finally linking it to Alzheimer’s; there’s other nasty stuff you can link it to as well.

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