Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Knee is killing Me... Could it be coming from my back

My Knee Pain is killing me could this be coming from my back
Knee Pain Got You Down? Where is it coming From?
I recently spoke with someone who was having knee pain, but did not remember doing anything that could have irritated her knee. She did remember that she had strained her lower back recently.

A lot of the time pain in the lower extremity can be coming from the back.

Nerves in the lower back communicate to your legs. In fact, some chiropractors I know only adjust the spine for this reason.

In truth, the pain may get better quicker, if the extremities are treated as well. The Glastonbury Doctors at CT Spine and Disc have training in extremity treatments in addition to the spine. The bottom line is that adjusting or treating both areas will get things better quicker. A quick way to find out if the back is the culprit is to analyze the possible cause of the pain. Did you do something to your back? If so, it was probably the back. If not, the knee may be the source of the pain.

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Judith Green said...

Some chiropractors only adjust backs if there is pain in the legs? What if there is only pain in the back? Doesn't that merit an adjustment?


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