Friday, November 16, 2012

Tips On Having A Healthy, Pain-Free Day

Most of us lead a pretty full and busy life. Staying healthy and pain free will help us to keep going and to enjoy those sometimes hectic days. Here are some tips to maintain our health and stay pain free:
  1. Let's start with getting up in the morning. A few minutes of simple stretches is helps loosen us up.

  2. A few minutes of walking on the treadmill is great too. Get moving and getting the blood flowing is a big help for many reasons.

  3. A Healthy Breakfast. I just recently read online how they are showing that one of the worst things to do is skip this meal.

  4. Maintain good posture at work. Make sure you work station is ergonomically friendly.

  5. Drink water throughout the day

  6. Take Breaks. For most, we sit at a computer all day; get up and move around a bit. Kick off the heels, eat some fruit.

  7. Make sure your vehicle is posture friendly too. We end up spending alot of time in our cars, so make sure that isn't a source of pain.

  8. Sleep with a good pillow

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