Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easier alternative to Using Over the Door Neck Traction

I am often asked by patients to recommend a traction unit for their neck (for a pinched nerve in the neck, bulging disk or radiculopathy). Also, often times patients have been recommended an over the door neck traction unit. Not only this type of traction unit look archaic, but it looks scary at first to use. It is often recommended by Orthopedic Doctors because it is inexpensive, effective and does provide pain relief. But there are other neck traction units today that make traction easy and effective.

Regular Trac-Collar Neck Traction
While your orthopedist may want you to use over-the-door neck traction, an often easier option that he or she may not know about is the trac-collar. Imagine wearing a regular neck collar that you can inflate from the right and from the left. These come in regular (for the neck measuring 14"-16") and large size (for the neck measuring 16"-18").

Once the major symptoms subside (i.e. neck or arm pain, or something similar) than using the traction pillow may be a huge help. This pillow not only helps to get rid of those unwanted symptoms like neck pain but also can help improve and maintain neck alignment. This should be your overall end goal because you want to stay as healthy and pain free as possible for the long term.

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