Saturday, October 23, 2010

Forward Head Posture: How to Correct the Neck as Fast as Possible.

Forward Head Posture or Forward Head Carriage is one of the most common postural misalignments we see in the office. Over time people get syptoms such as neck pain, arm tingling, headaches, or hunching of the upperback.

Why does this happen you may ask? The answer is: Poor posture means poor spinal alignment! And that means pressure on nerves. The tricky part is that Not All Neves Detect Pain...

So you can have pressure but you may not have a symptom like neck pain or back pain until weeks, maybe months later.

"If you have forward head - There are a few things you can do for fastest results in fixing it!"

First, get adjusted by your chiropractor. This can make the biggest change in minutes, not to mention, your chiropractor can help you with stretches, neck exercises, or other any questions you may have.

Next, use a neck pillow when sleeping. Why not fix your posture when you sleep...We like the cervical traction pillow!

Third, specific neck exercises should be used. Talk to your chiropractor for more information and advice.

Forth, Home Neck Traction. The pillow, adjustments, and exercises are huge but neck traction makes all the difference. Wait a second though; there's a few kinds of traction. You want true neck traction like this video of me shows...

If you do all of these things you can say goodbye to poor neck posture.

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    You may not realize how important it is to have children checked for subluxation or misalignment of the vertebra.



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