Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Continuous Pressure on Nerves can Lead to Nerve Damage

As you can imagine, if you continue to put pressure on a low back nerve that nerve can start to deteriorate. Like the root of a plant, if you confine it to a pot to small or forget to supply it with light and water, it will cease to grow, and eventually will shrivel up.

The nerves are similar, if we allow the life force to be cut off then eventually it will atrophy. Of course, at this point, pain may become more permanent and other symptoms may start to arise.

The symptoms associated with lumbar nerve pressure include pain, tingling and numbness, sciatica, and even leg weakness.

In the lower back the common term for this is “Sciatica.” Lumbar Disc herniation often causes sciatica. What happens is the disc ruptures outward, putting pressure on nerve roots. This pressure eventually can lead to disc and nerve degeneration.

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