Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gardening Safely Without Pain

Here in Glastonbury Connecticut, we hit record a record high of 102 degrees F. Not the type of weather that you want to be out and about, but still it is the season to be doing outdoor activities such as gardening. Getting out into the sunshine is important for exercise and also to get our required vitamin D. Many patients spend hours getting their flowers and bushes planted. Unfortunately, they don't always give their body the same respect and loving care. Here are some tips you can use to protect your back and body while gardening:

  • Pushing or pulling when bent over can cause strain to the shoulders and lower back area. When you can use tools with longer handles, so that you don't have to bend down as mcuh. Raking, digging, or mowing is a lot more ergonomic and comfortable when you use long handled tools.

  • Be careful with lfiting dirt, leaves and mulch. Carry the load close to your body, and use your knees when lifting. Keeping your back straight and knees bent ill help to avoid injuries and lower back pain

  • When raking, hoeing or shoveling, switch your dominant hand. This can prevent prolonged straining on your dominant side which can lead to muscle spams and pain.

  • Don't try to accomplish 1/2 years worth of gardening into one day- pace yourself and give your body a break

  • Drink lots of water while working in the garden. Your garden needs water, and so does your body !

    Keep these gardening tips in mind next time you are out gardening. Your garden will be bountiful, because you can get out there day after day. Gardening the right way can prevent unnecessary aches and pains.

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