Friday, May 7, 2010

My Chiropractor said “Motion is Life!”

Walking Can Help Back Pain
What this means is that our bodies and spines are made of a bunch of moving parts. When these moving parts, otherwise known as joints, shift out of place and get stuck it becomes a problem.

Our backs have 24 vertebrae and 72 joints just in the spine alone, so moving parts will get stuck or shift out of place occasionally.

When things get stuck and can’t move inflammation builds up increasing pressure on nerves; this makes pain worse. So the next time you have back pain keep moving. A lot of times the body will allow things to shift back in place. Not only that, it helps increase circulation, inflammation is able to dissipate out, nutrients and hydration are able to get back into the joints and tissues better.

This doesn’t mean ignore your pain, but try to stick with motions that feel good. Something that works really well is simple walking. Stick with flat ground and something softer (like grass vs. pavement) may feel better.

This is another reason chiropractic adjustments work extremely well. They get joints moving again; this, in turn, relieves nerve pressure and pain.

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