Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can My Neck Be Causing My Low Back Pain?

The short answer is YES! And here’s the reason… The brain sits at the top of the head, it’s our control center. Messages from the brain travel down the spinal cord, out the nerves, to every body cell, tissue, organ, and system.

A severed spinal cord in the neck can cause you paralysis or your arms and legs.

Now this would be a severe case that I don’t wish on anyone, but a neck injury that’s to much a lesser extent could affect nerve pathways that control lower body functions as well.

Another interesting fact…

Your brainstem travels down past your first, second, even third vertebrae. This is another reason the neck region is so powerful. At all times there are thousands of nerve impulses taking place in and around the spine. In the brain there are even more. The brainstem is an extension of the brain. Because of this, if there is additional pressure in the neck it can actually inhibit brain impulses.

So, when dealing with pain, whether it’s arm pain, headaches, or lower back pain, we must often look to the neck as well. The neck can often be a hidden cause of various aches and pains, or even more serious health issues.

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