Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What tests will my doctor do to help determine what’s wrong with my back?

First, your doctor or chiropractor will ask you about your pain. Things like how long it’s been going on, was there an incident that started it up, where is it located, how much back pain (or leg pain or foot tingling etc…) is there and how often is it, does it travel, what medications for your back pain are you taking, etc.

Next, a thorough exam needs to be performed. This should include specific tests to determine the nature and cause of the problem. For your back, it should include observatory and palpatory findings, ranges of motion, orthopedic testing and neurological testing.

A lumbar MRI Shows us what is going on at the disc level

Then any advanced testing and/or imaging should be performed and/or reviewed. This will include things like MRI’s, x-rays, CT scans, discograms, nerve conductions, EMG’s, bone scans, or blood work, to name some.

Last, all of these findings need to be correlated together. It is not enough to simply look at an MRI without doing an adequate consultation, or simply doing a consultation with no real exam. It sounds like common sense, but inadequate consultations, exams, and testing happens everyday.

Without the proper testing an individual will not get the correct diagnosis, and without the correct diagnosis, the patient will often not get the care he/she needs.

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