Sunday, May 31, 2009

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Put The Disc Back In Place?

Your chiropractor may use many different therapies and techniques to put the spine back in its best position. Aligning the spine helps the discs fall back in place.

Having the spine in its best position also increases the strength of your spine allowing it to better tolerate stress, strain, and simply gravity.

Making sure your spine is in normal alignment, most importantly, frees nerves from pressure. It gives the nerves adequate space between the vertebrae as well as allowing the body to work like it should. Down to even the cellular level your body processes nutrients, gets rid of waste, and functions 24/7.

Adjusting the spine (adjustments or manipulations) also helps mobilize the spine. This helps the body by allowing better blood flow and oxygenation of your system. Most often pain is due to internal inflammation putting pressure on nerves. Getting your body and spine moving allows for the inflammation to go away and allows oxygen and hydration in. Blood flow is important because cells created for healing can travel to the area of the body that needs repair and waste toxins can be pulled out.

At a neurological level, the nervous system can be more activated or the dysfunctional part can be reactivated) to balance your body's nervous system out. This may help restore immune system function so your body can heal as quickly as possible.

Chiropractor Giving An Adjustment To Help Relieve Pain And Improve Spine And Disc Function

So at one level, putting your spine in its best alignment (orthopedic) will help the strength and function of the spine and discs. At another level (neurologic) it will help your body function better by activation your nervous system which is the main control center of the body.

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