Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back Pain Relief with the Right Back Support Pillow

If you have ever spent hours and hours at a computer desk whether for your job or maybe just playing video games, you know that bad posture at the computer can translate to lower back pain, stiffness, and overall discomfort.

Many times we are faced with sitting for long periods of time- whether it on a long flight to India, sitting in traffic on I-84 in Hartford, or just slaving away at your computer during the day. Sitting creates pressure on your lower back by distorting the lumbar curve and causing a squishing of the discs. The discs are important because they act as shock absorbers and allow to the spine to have the range of motion that it does. Pressure on the spine can cause un needed pressure on the lumbar nerves, which innervate the lower extremity- the legs and the feet. It can cause numbness and tingling, and weakness affecting our ability to walk, stand and do basic activities of daily living.

Using a support cushion behind your lower back creates a safety guard against injuring yourself, or putting yourself in a position of pain. A lumbar support cushion makes you sit with proper posture, allowing the proper lumbar spine to stay in proper alignment.

A lumbar cushion should be firm yet comfortable against your body. Often times lumbar support cushions are made out of precision cut foam.

One of the most popular lumbar support cushions is the sitback rest which you can use while on the computer. If you are in your car you probably want a lumbar cushion that is slimmer in design and not bulky such as the slim back rest. The Slim rest can also be used in other sitting positions as well. Finally, if you are experiencing lower back pain, consider the sit back rest PLUS which includes a ice pack. Great for decreasing inflammation and providing an added analgesic relief while sitting for extended periods of time.

Dr. Bellinger also discusses how to use a lumbar support cushion when you sit at your computer or for work long periods of time. No matter if you sit on your computer playing solitare or Age of Empires- know that you can do so comfortably !

CT Spine and Disc Center is located in Glastonbury, CT- Specializing in chiropractic care for the entire family and non surgical spinal decompression for chronic lower back pain sufferers. CT Spine and Disc Center also carries many lower back pain relief products like the slimback rest and lumbar back support belts. Call 860.633.8756 to get more information about our services and prodcuts

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