Saturday, November 1, 2008

Your Back Pain May Not Only Be Hurting You!

Low Back Pain Hurts More Than We Think Sometimes

At our office in Glastonbury we’ve seen hundreds of patients who were suffering some form of back pain. Nearly every one of them has told us how their back pain has stopped them from doing the things they used too do and enjoy doing.

Some have put their golf clubs away indefinitely because their back hurts to much to play or maybe even just walk on the course. Others have given up exercising, going to the gym, skiing, horseback riding, playing ball with their kids, traveling to family members houses for the holidays; the list is never ending.

But back pain from a herniated disc doesn’t just hurt YOU, and prevent YOU from the fun hobbies you enjoy, and YOUR daily chores and activities. It also affects everyone around you – your spouse, kids, co-workers.

I’ve had patients tell me they can’t even go grocery shopping because of the pain, or go to work without popping pills all day long. But that’s not all; they’ve also expressed how it’s hurt their family life – leaving them dependent on their spouse, feeling sick from all the medications they’re taking, not being able to play with the kids, and so on.

Finally there is now a technologically advanced treatment for getting rid of severe back pain called DRX9000 Spinal Decompression.

So don’t wait! With the help of the doctors at CT Spine & Disc Center, you can finally end the pain you are suffering with. And again enjoy the favorite things you like to do but haven’t been able to because of your back. And even more important, end the pain your family, kids, and friends are having seeing you in pain.

Contact our office now to see if the DRX may be for you!!

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