Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Have Osteoporosis Or Osteopenia Bone Deterioration...Can The DRX Or Chiropractic Treatment Still Help Me??

Most often the answer is YES!, it can still help. Most people at some point in their lives get bone and disc deterioration or breakdown. This is the same thing as arthritis or degeneration which will happen somewhat with age. DRX9000 Treatment, You May Be A Candidate!

Some get more of a weakening of the bones called osteopenia. If that steadily gets worse and becomes what we call severe osteoporosis where the patient presents with stress fractures and collapsed vertebrae unfortunately they will not be a drx9000 candidate.

They may still be a candidate for another therapy in our office. Things like heat or ice therapy, gentle muscle work, Electric muscle stimulation therapy, or a specific chiropractic technique such as activator. Activator Is A Special Tool That Make A Very Gentle Chiropractic Adjustment
This is a very gentle type of chiropractic done with the "activator tool" vs the usual hand on approach.

However, to put things in perspective - out of the hundreds of patients we've had come in for drx9000 treatment , or the hundreds we've had for chiropractic treatments - only a few had severe osteoporosis where they could not get drx9000 spinal decompression, or hands on chiropractic. They did receive other therapies that helped as well as our special gentle chiropractic techniques that gave them relief.

Do not let your spine break down completely before you get into our office. The sooner we address your aches, pains, and health issues, the faster and easier they are to take care of. DRX9000 Featured In MD News...See Your Spinal Decompression Doctor For A DRX9000 Consultation

The best thing to do if you are suffering back pain, neck pain, or extremity pain is call our office for an absolutely free consultation at 860-633-8756. There is no obligation to pursue any treatment if you are accepted by us as a patient.

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