Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If You Ignore Your Pain…It Can Soon Be A Disaster Just Waiting To Happen!

Pain is a symptom or in other words your body trying to tell you something. Some people ignore their pain thinking “It’ll go away on it’s own” or “I’ll deal with it later, it’s not that bad”; this is often a big mistake.

It’s sort of like, if your oil or engine light is going off- just covering part of the dash so you can’t see the light. Then one day what might happen? You’ll be on the road and your car dies; or worse, it starts smoking and the engine starts on fire. The car engine is completely destroyed and unsalvageable.

Good news is, you can buy another car. Bad news is…you can’t buy another spine. Some of us out there I think actually take care of our cars better than our bodies!

Don’t ignore your pain…99% of the time it won’t cure itself…and if left alone most times it gets worse.

Visit the doctors at CT Spine & Disc Center in Glastonbury Connecticut to find out if they can help you get rid of your pain before it gets any worse.

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