Thursday, October 30, 2008

Herniated Or Bulging Disc? Get Help Before It's Too Late!

Herniation at the last spinal level, Disc Bulge at the level above that.

At CT Spine And Disc Center we take Disc Herniations and Bulging Discs very seriously. These conditions usually do not get better on their own and typically get Worse!

Disc Herniation

To help understand your spine and discs think of your discs as jely donuts. Between each bone of the spine you have one. The discs allow us to move, run, jump, and ack as a shock absorber.

When the disc gets injured (the donut), the jelly breaks free from the crust. So in other words when we have a herniation or protrusion of the disc, the inner gel like material breaks through the outer fibers.

Now, if you squish a donut and all the jelly pushes to one side, the donut will bulge there. So a bulged disc is when the inner material pushes on the outer fibers bulging them outward but not breaking all the way through like a herniation.

Why are these conditions serious?

When you have a disc herniation or bulge your disc space is now smaller; and this decreasses the space your nerve root has as it branches off the spinal cord. Also, the bulge or herniated disc can literally put direct pressure on a nerve.

Remember, different nerve fibers detect and relay pain differently, so you can have a disc problem and not necessarily have that much pain.......Yet, Anyway!

The problem is - If pressure is left on the nerve, the nerve will start to break down or degenerate. The disc will also degenerate as well. Eventually because of this we will now get pain, more pain, or even worse...

The nerves of your lower back also travel to your legs, important body parts like your bladder, intestines, your sexual organs. So if left alone and nothing is done to heal a herniated disc or bulged disc, the pain...and other health problems can and will occur.

If the disc and nerve degeneration get too far along we may not be able to help!

Now, with our DRX9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Protocol, we are able to heal herniated and bulging discs, relieving pain and improving one's health.

Do not put off doing something about your back pain because it's "not that bad" or it "only acts up when...". It can get alot worse very quickly, and if left alone too long the breakdown and degeneration of the spine, discs, and nerves, can reach a point where they are too far gone to repair.

At CT Spine And Disc Center we will perform a detailed examination and history, and review all x-rays, MRI's and other imaging studies to determine if we can help!

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