Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Can A Travel Neck Pillow Benefit Me Cause I Don’t Travel Very Much?...

The answer is Yes! For example, I use mine at home mostly. I love taking a short afternoon nap; I often call it a “power nap” it’s so short...

Either way, I keep it right near my recliner where, if napping at home, this is where I usually am. I definitely take am taking on my next car trip where I will be a passenger for a few hours for part of the trip. I snap it to another one and put it on the side of the bed like a barrier for the little one.

Another great thing is what they call aromatherapy. I just have a drop of something like lavender, that I put on my finger and touch it to my twist pillow. It gives the roll pillow a nice aroma; use a scent you find best.

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