Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I Have Leg Pain, Is It Coming From My Back?

There is a good chance. Have you had any images for the lower back. An MRI will show the discs. An X-ray will show us the disc spaces.

On either image you may see jagged edges or misshaped bones telling us there's been degeneration or arthritis.

At the office a complete consult or history will tell us if the pain originates from the leg or if it's from the back. An exam will tell us exactly. So the next best thing may be a consultation and exam from your doctor. He will order the appropriate tests too ( an MRI for example).

If you are suffering from back or leg pain or even both contact us today. The Back Dr’s specializes in pain relief for the neck and the lower back. We will help you have better posture, get better sleep and help you be more comfortable. Helping you find natural remedies for your active lifestyle.

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