Thursday, December 1, 2016

Stretches To Help Low Back Pain

I thought of these because I used to often recommend a stretch routine for a number of low back pain patients I saw.

My dad hurt his back a bit dragging a small tree that was uprooted during a storm. P.s. It was still heavy. We got him adjusted but he needed something he could do at home.

Two stretches that work really well:

#1 - Knee to Chest - here's how to do it: lay on your back and pull the knee to the chest. Hold for 20 seconds. Do each leg and do some with both legs. Repeat each way 3 times. *if the knee hurts or is injured then hold under the knee.

#2 - Seated, Reach to the Floor Sitting - spread your legs out and reach to the floor. You often can reach a bit further each time. Repeat 3 times and hold for 20 seconds.

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