Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do You Twist And Turn A lot Driving?

I ask this question because I've had people come to my office due to this kind of injury driving.  You definitely turn your neck a certain amount; I've actually seen a couple of people who strained their neck backing out of the driveway.

What I want to talk about here is people who also may strain their middle or lower back.  Now I'm not talking about getting side swiped or something like that, I'm talking about self inflicted pain.  I've seen a number of animated drivers, ones who don't just turn the neck but the rest of the body too.

We're not dealing with enemy fighter jet who we are always looking in our blind spot for... Therefore you shouldn't have to twist your body a lot.  The same goes for trying to reach something that fell on the passenger seat floor; don't do it!

We have a friend that drives a cab, and you should see him, it seems like he never turns much at all.  He is really good at using his mirrors.  Something we all should get good at because you know traffic only increases and gets faster.

Get blind spot mirrors, do what you have to do to make driving more comfortable, but limit your body twisting and turning, it will prevent injury.

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