Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fat, We've Had It All Wrong For Years!

June 23-24th issue of Time Magazine: Ending The War Against Fat, may help clear up some of the confusion!  We've been trained to believe fat is bad.

As a matter of fact, even in Chiropractic school we had some guys with the "low fat" attitude.  If you read any legitimate study on fats or butter or dairy, you quickly realize that a low fat diet isn't healthy.  All this plus the fact that I know some individuals that grew up on raw milk, lots of steak, and fat, and real butter; and guess what, they were healthier than everyone else.

Really, common sense will typically prevail.  If you go to the store and there's the real meal, then there's the one with the fat taken out or a bunch of chemicals added, common sense should tell you to stick with the more natural one.  That's the one that's unaltered and looks, feels, and tastes NORMAL.

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