Monday, April 8, 2013

Could this be Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is very plausible but is that really the problem? Here's a scenario: Someone visits our office because they are having tingling into their fingers - Their neighbor told them it's probably carpal tunnel. It may be? This person is on the computer all day at work so they're leaning toward what the neighbor said. This is why we do a thorough exam, to find out if that's really what it is.

From talking with the patient we learn that there is numbness and tingling in the whole arm. The patient also noted she strained her neck a bit the other day and is having neck pain to boot.

We do an exam and find that there is muscle spasm and tender points in the lower neck. Testing in the hand, wrist, and carpal tunnel reveals nothing of significance. We also had an x-ray study of the neck from last year when this particular person was in a minor accident and had neck pain. (This isn't always the case; a month prior we sent someone to the surgeon for him to take a look.)

In this particular case we learned that the arm numbness and tinglingwas coming from the neck. By the way, the x-ray from a year ago showed moderate degeneration or arthritis in the lower neck. When we have this it won't just disappear.

To shorten up the story, the patient began a course of gentle chiropractic and in office therapy. She no longer has these symptoms and completed her care.

If you are having similar symptoms please visit our Glastonbury Office before the problem gets worse.

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Greg Day said...

Is this a rare instance that the tingling is not because of carpal tunnel syndrome.


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