Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"I Wish It Wasn't Such Hard Work To Make Sure What I'm Eating Is Good For Me!"...

Today I wanted to talk about “Genetically Engineered Foods.” Often referred to as GE or GE diet. It has been shown to be very unhealthy. Here’s the scary thing-many forms are feeding this to the livestock. You know that corn diet, well this is often a food that is genetically engineered and fed to the animals.

A GE diet has been linked to multiple food allergies, lowered immune function, and more. I don’t know if you remember but back when we were kids there wasn’t all this organic or grass fed, etc… stuff around. That’s because we didn’t have chemicals in half our foods or pesticides sprayed all over the place, or GE foods. There has actually been an outcry for un-tampered food products. I’m not even just talking about foods, I mean everything- laundry detergent, fabrics, water, toothpaste…

Whole Foods In Glastonbury CT
There wasn’t a need for “Whole Foods” 20 years ago, not they’re all over. I know the Glastonbury Whole Foods is packed whenever I go!

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