Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lumbar Support Helps Low Back Pain Sufferers

Here's a video of me showing how to wear a lumbar support belt. Getting the right size of lumbar support belt is very important. I recommend the Lumbosacral low Back Support Belt. There are many reasons why this lumbar belt is a good choice for patients with lower back pain:
  • It is composed of a special wicking material that draws moisture away from the skin for helping you stay cool and dry
  • The special coredge finish is comfortable withing being binding or irritating
  • It comes in 5 sizes from Small to 3x large
  • Its sized proportionally in height to ensure that the top edge of the lumbar belt lands at or just below the navel
  • Velco is strong, and belt lasts a long time use after use
  • Features a plush, elastic back panel for extra comfort
  • Features double side pulls for superior abdominal compression and low back pain relief and comfort

Check out the CT Spine and Disc Center Online Store to see the sizes available for the lumbar back belt.

The Glastonbury Chiropractor is located in central Connecticut- CT Spine and Disc Center specializes in patients who suffer from sciatica, disc degeneration, bulging disc or herniated disc in the lumbar spine. Call our chiropractic office at 860-633-8756 to schedule an appointment and to see if you are a candidate for non surgical spinal decompression

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Judloved said...

Back pain patients are frequently prescribed physical therapy for their spinal stenosis symptoms and, increasingly, the McKenzie Method for back pain is being recognized as particularly effective in correcting postural problems, easing chronic and acute back pain, and improving function. The McKenzie Method is also known as ‘mechanical diagnosis and therapy’ (MDT) and is a philosophy of active patient involvement and education whereby the patient learns to manage their pain themselves and to self-treat in some regards. Many physiotherapists use the McKenzie Method in their care of spinal stenosis patients as it can be helpful not only for back pain but also for neck and extremity problems caused by spinal abnormalities.


Herschel Kraft said...

That was very interesting as well as educative. Thank you, i will be able to use such information especially for future use.


Herschel Kraft said...

This blog is very educative and informative. Now, I am enlightened especially if I am to use this in the future. Thank you!


Herschel Kraft said...

That was very informative and educative Now, i will not have problems especially if i get to use it in the future. Thanks!



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