Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tips to Help Prevent Falls

Recently, one of my patients suffered a fall- a fall that she knew could have been prevented. She had left the dishwasher door open, went to grab the telephone and fell over the dishwasher door. Patients who have arthritis pain or even slight difficulty with balance have to be extra careful when it comes to preventing falls. A patient with arthritis may have difficulty with movement, especially when changing positions. Adding to the problem may be reduced strength, slower reflexes and decreased awareness of ones orientation.

In a recent article in Arthritis Today Magazine, 8 ways to reduce the risk of falls was discussed:

  1. When walking, avoid multi-tasking
  2. Exercise- aqua aerobics, tai chi, and walking are good forms of exercise.
  3. Have your eyesight checked.
  4. Check your medications- side effects can include dizziness or drowsiness.
  5. Keep your home clutter-free. Secure mats and rugs.
  6. Check the shoes you are wearing- be extra careful with flip flops and heels.
  7. Watch where your pets are at all times.
  8. Reorganize your home so you have easy access to particular areas of your house, for example your pantry.

Source: Arthritis Today Magazine, May-June 2011.

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