Thursday, April 21, 2011

Acute Injury? -- Think ICE COLD...not heat for pain relief.

You recently bumped your big toe on the bed, and are jumping around frantically trying to get of the pain. With an injury like this, the first thing you may think of is "How do I get rid of this pain?" For the most part, a person will think of heat- heat will make it all better...NOT SO.

Icing an area, can be as simple as putting some ice cubes into a plastic bag, wrapping the ice pack in a towel and placing it on the area of pain. In the beginning, the ice pack will feel cold. In the next phase, you will feel a more burning sensation and ice will almost feel hot. This is then followed by an aching or throbbing sensation. Just before the area is numbed, a very sharp pain will be experienced followed by relief you are looking for. These phases can take 5-10 minutes to go through. Once you feel numbness in the area, you should remove the ice pack. Falling asleep with the ice pack can lead to frostbite.

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