Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lower Back Pain - Self Inflicted or Not?

Sometimes we forget how important our back is until we have major pain and can’t use it. Our back does a lot and sometimes we take it for granted. What exactly do I mean- well, sometimes we lift or shove or carry something we really shouldn’t. We’ve all done it and sometimes we have regretted it after.

Why put yourself at risk? Instead of hiring a roofer or landscaper to shovel heavy ice and snow off the roof, you’re spending your Saturday morning doing it. Plus, being a good Samaritan, you do your neighbor’s roof too.

Sometimes it’s good to go out and do some shoveling, get some fresh air and some exercise. However, it’s not so great to overdo it and put yourself in harm’s way. A lot of times back pain isn’t exactly your fault, maybe it was an accident or injury inflicted by someone else, but the majority of times our low back pain is self created.

Be very careful this year, especially with all the snow and ice we’ve had. Be good to your back. Exercise, eat right, be aware of your posture and see your chiropractor. Do these things not only once you have a back pain episode, but when your back feels good too to prevent a future episode of back pain.

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