Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Hips: A Key Factor in Back Pain!

When you lose motion in your hips it will cause your back and back muscles to work harder. It will also cause a change in your gait or the way you move. This, in turn, works its way into your lower back. Not only will this eventually strain or overwork muscles, but it will cause uneven wear and tear on your spine and lumbar discs.

There are some really easy ways to exercise the hip, keeping the joints loose and allowing the hip to move like it should.

First, try laying on your back, knees up- bring your knees out sideways and then back to the center. Repeat slowly for 10-20 repetitions. You can also do it standing, bringing your knees out and in, rolling your feet.

Another good stretch is to lay on your side allowing one leg to hang over the other. This will stretch the hips and the oblique muscles. You can do this lying on the edge of the bed so that your above leg can stretch and hang more.

I find that for a lot of our patients adjusting the hips along with the back helps to relieve their pain faster.

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