Friday, October 1, 2010

Ragweed Season - What Do I Do As An Allergy Sufferer?

Chiropracic Can Help Allergies
If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, then you’ve probably heard of ragweed. A stubborn plant which grows in abundance in pretty much every area of the United States, it is the leading cause for fall allergy symptoms. Starting in mid-August, a single ragweed plant can release one million pollen grains per day until late October.

A common symptom of ragweed allergies is Allergic Rhinitis. This includes sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, itchy and watery eyes, as well as worsening other health issues, such as asthma.

If you are an allergy sufferer, keep in mind this autumn that ragweed season is predicted to be especially strong because of the hot, dry summer we’ve had. Keeping your windows closed is a way to keep pollen out of your home, but it can be carried in on clothing, shoes, even your pet. Keeping clothing and your living space clean is a good way to try to reduce your allergy symptoms for this ragweed season.

Just a bit of information on me and my experiences with allergies. Every approximately August 15th mine would start. Not only was it hard to concentate in school, but at every else too. It was so bad it would run my immune system down and I would get sick. The short story is, my dad took me for allergy shots, I can't actually say helped (maybe, maybe not). However, some time after that, I had injuries from soccer which my folks took me to the chiropractor for. We didn't really think about it and no one said anything about it, including my chiropractor at the time, but it was soon after that I didn't notice allery problems as much.

What I have since leaned is that cervical adjustments may help for a few reasons. So the bottom line is, there are things we can do to reduce allergies - allergy shots may be one. Of course I know chiopractic treatments were much cheaper for my folks and needles are no fun, not to mention, I had to leave right after school every Friday to go to the allergist - no fun for a kid, plus I would miss practice that day, or anything else I had planned for the afternoon.

I currently get my neck adjusted regularly, try to reduce dust or allergens in the house as much as possible, use a hypoallergenic pillow with a dust cover, and avoid staying in my aunt's house to long (she has an angora cat which gets me all stirred up!), just to name a few. Getting adjusted is by far the easiest and has other benefits too.

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