Sunday, August 15, 2010

Do You Suffer From Back or Neck Pain as a Result of Your Computer or Phone?

'text neck'
I thought this was funny when I had first heard it but it's really not that funny for those who have neck or back pain due to it...

What I'm refering to to is "laptop-itis" and/or "text-neck"! More and more people are presenting these days with neck pains or back pains from curling over a laptop for hours on end, or constantly looking down at their phone or doing everything they can to hold it by their ear while trying to do 10 other things.

I actually see this all the time too. It's no wonder people come to see us because of a neck or back strain from texting or typing or searching the web on their little phone.

Here's what you want to do to avoid back or neck pain in this case:
When using a laptop, just like a desktop computer, try keeping your elbows and knees at 90 degree angles and keeping your eyes even with the top half of the monitor or screen. In some cases this will be impossible since your laptop may be on your lap, so just make sure you take periodic breaks and stretch your neck and back.

The same goes for texting or using your phone, try to take breaks and stretch out. I like simple half rolls for the neck and periodic head retraction exercise. For the lower body, simple trunk twisters to loosen up the lumbar spine and pelvis.

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Eduardo said...

We all hope that this exercise is good and that actually helps prevent and relieve back pain, since in findrxonline indicate that poorly performed exercises may have consequences for the back.


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