Monday, July 19, 2010

How Can High Heels Sometimes Cause Back Discomfort!

High heeled shoes can also cause foot, ankle, and knee pain too. You see when a person is standing the body weight is supported by the spine. The lower body tends to take more of that stress- your low back, feet, and knees. Wearing heels changes the wearer’s weight distribution and tends to shift the spine forward. This will also change ankle and knee alignment.

Your foot arches also get affected, and wearing heels with too much lift will change the arches and will cause decreased motion of the foot. Not to mention a lot of heels lack much foot support and also pinch the toes inward.

So, for these reasons, women who present with back pain who wear high heels often can ease their pain by switching to a flat shoe or sneakers for a week or two. Along with this, chiropractic adjustments can correct any alignment issues in the lower body. What happens is that the shifts in the spine or pelvis put pressure on nerves in the back causing pain. Even though the wearer may switch to flats, the misalignments or joint restriction may remain until treated.

Shoe orthotics may help as well. These are custom-made insoles for your shoes that help restore the alignment and arches of the feet. Everything is connected, which is why foot alignment issues can lead to knee or pelvis problems.

Our doctors both have extensive training in extremity ajustments, as well as supports and exercises one may need to balance the spine and especially the lower body.

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