Friday, May 14, 2010

Chiropractic: One of the Best Treatments to Correct and Prevent Golf Injuries...

Low Back Pain is the most common injury for golfers...
The most common golf injury is a strain to the lower back. This causes low back pain, loss of motion, and muscle spasm. There are a few reasons that back pain is so common in golfers.

#1 - Poor posture and swing mechanics - It has been shown that with an incorrect swing or unorthodox swing it is much easier to injure your back. This applies not only to tee or fairway shots but putting too. We've all seen some pretty aweful swings out there, some that even look painful. Some instruction from your local golf pro can make a big difference in making sure your swing mechanics are good and safe for your back.

Putting can put alot of stress on the back also. Wether putting or teeing of it's important to have have good posture. Mainly this requires more of an upright posture with knees slightly bent. Keeping the legs straight and flexing the low back forward too much will increase back and disc pressure.

#2 - Lack of a warm up - The pros all have a stretch/warm up routine. They go out on the range and hit some balls before they play. This is not the case for most weekend golfers; they jump right on the course, no warm up, no stretches, and take a big swing for their first shot of the day - a long drive off the 1st tee. This brings me to #3...

#3 - Swinging to hard, and or doing too much - No matter how perfect your swing is, if you overdue it or try to swing like Tiger for the first drive, you may be asking for trouble. Try to swing easier, this will save your body for many more rounds of golf later on. The same goes for playing or practicing too much. Sometimes it can be too many hours on the putting green or at the range that sets your back into spasm and as a result keeps you off the course for weeks.

Consider these three reasons for back injury and use your chiropractor to help correct postural misalignments, keep the spine mobile and flexible, and address the start of any possible back injury or strain.

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