Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Is Back Pain So Common?

Your spine is made up of 24 vertebrae or spinal bones and 72 joints just in the spine alone. Spinal bones connect or join at the disc and at the facets (two on each side). Moving joints will move out of place occasionally.

Your back is like a machine that has a number of moving parts. Things break down, parts need to be maintained, fuel must be supplied.

For your lawn mower, you can run it until it can’t run anymore. If it has a major breakdown you can go out and buy another. With our spine, however, we ony have one and we can’t get another. So we MUST maintain our back and spine health.

It is these factors that make low back pain so common. A lot of us don’t maintain our spine or do things to keep our backs healthy. We run it into the ground, then back and leg pain occurs or something worse. Sometimes we maintain our backs and try to stay healthy, but one of these moving parts, one of our many joints, goes out of place and puts pressure on nerves causing pain.

But, keep in mind, those of us who maintain the backs will have far fewer episodes of back pain, and when and if an episode occurs, it is much easier to fix.

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