Sunday, February 21, 2010

Low Back Posture – Does It Really Matter?

The answer is: Absolutely! The better your posture, the better your lumbopelvic alignment. If your lumbar spine and pelvis are in alignment then the nerves of the low back are free from pressure. This equals no back pain or leg discomfort.

Not only that – if something is out of alignment it will cause your gait to be altered; this can then cause muscle strain, and possibly hip and knee discomfort. Also, by then the pressure and inflammation is enough that you now have serious pressure on your low back or sciatic nerves.

Posture is always a window to your spine inside. If the lower back or pelvis appears “out of whack”, there is a good chance it is. Pain may not come right away, but you can bet it will eventually come.

Keep your posture maintained and you will prevent low back pain.

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