Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Treatment Of Lower Back Trigger Points

Everday I see patients who can benefit from muscle work along with their adjustments or spinal decompression. For example a patient may present to the office with lower back discomfort. He or she may have a misalignment of their pelvis, SI joint (sacroiliac joint), lumbar vertebrae, or slippage of a disk.

Once this happens it puts unwanted preesure on nerves. The muscles will often get irritated because the shift may alter the balance not to mention, if their is preesure on the nerves suppling information to that muscle and that information is blocked, there will be a problem.

When the muscles become imbalanced they will often knot up. Muscle fibers work by sliding across one another for motion, when something is interfering with this, the fibers often adhese together or form knots. Through muscle fibers run smaller nerves which may also create a pain response making your back pain even worse.

Often something that may help the pain relief is to massage the knots (also refered to as muscle adhesions or trigger points). This may hurt slightly when working on these muscles but will feel much better later on.

At home I recommend using the TheraCane because one can easily reach any trigger point and they can save their hands (your hands will be sore after doing alot of muscle massage; trust me - Iknow!).

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