Friday, August 21, 2009

Tips For Heavy Lifting That Can Save Your Low Back...

Here's 5 tips on lifting that can help you avoid back pain or a back injury:

1. Get help- have someone help you lift awkward shaped or extremely
heavy items. Also, use a cart or dolly if possible. If you already have a back injury then you may want to avoid heavy lifting altogether. Why chance it?

2. When possible, lighten your load- break up loads into smaller pieces
or quantities. It may take slightly longer but well worth it. Don't become a statistic.

3. Use your legs when lifting and lift and release something from a
straight-on position, never twist your body. Twisting is one of the most common ways to injure the back because it puts torsion stress on the discs and ligaments.

4. Minimize your reach and widen your stance. Your back doesn't have
to work as hard if you broaden your base and limit your reaching for things.

5. Hold items close to the body and at waist level. This is where you
are strongest and safest.

Keep these tips in mind when lifting. They will help prevent low back pain
and help you keep minimal stress on your low back discs.

Treat Your Low Back Pain And Prevent Injury With The Help Of Chiropractic Care & Spinal Decompression

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