Friday, May 15, 2009

What Kind of Doctor Using Spinal Decompression?

Ct Spine and Disc Center in CT offers a variety on non surgical therapies for acute and chronic lower back pain
In my experience it has been mostly chiropractors that use it. I have also seen it used in an orthopedics office, neurologist’s office, pain clinic and a multidisciplinary clinic (those clinics that have a variety of Doctors such as chiropractors, medical doctors and physical therapists that work together).

It tends to be Doctors that use more of a natural approach as non-surgical spinal decompression is just that- non-surgical. Its helps the body do its own healing without masking the pain with medications. Don’t get me wrong however, sometimes medications help get through the acute phases of pain if unbearable.

It does take some looking around because there are so many doctors and so many specialists to begin with not to mention each may practice a certain way.

Since chiropractors don’t give prescription medications to their patients they tend to be more knowledgeable of the various natural treatments like drx9000 non surgical spinal decompression.

Most surgeons do surgery and most M.D. and D.O’s treat their patients with medications regularly. This isn’t always the case however, and whatever Dr you go to should refer you to the appropriate practitioner when necessary.

At the CT Spine and Disc Center in Glastonbury CT, our Doctors are trained in specialized testing procedures for patients suffering with lower back pain from disc herniation, disc herniation, disc bulging and sciatica. Call our central Connecticut office at (860) 633-8756 to see if you will be a candidate.

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